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Welcome to yet ANOTHER Nugent site !

A new member has been added to our Family Tree :

George Alexander Louis Windsor (Duke of Cambridge)

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Although this is a genealogy site, We also write songs. Take a look at the latest :

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If you are looking for your own branch of the Nugent Family, there is very little chance that you will find it here,
unless your ancestors descended from one of the principal lines of the Irish Nugents.

However, if you want to know where the Nugents came from, come in and take a look around.
What you will see is a tale worth telling ! If you would like to follow the Nugents through several centuries of
glory, from a relatively minor noble family in France, to a major power faction, with their sons and daughters
marrying into English, French and Spanish royalty, then ..... you have come to the right place !

Dive in and enjoy !

In building this fascinating story, I have read far and wide, from Latin manuscripts written in the XI th
and XII th centuries, to French genealogy treaties of the XVII th, XVIII th and XIX th centuries, and to more recent studies of the history
of our famous family. I have followed the Nugents from their origins in France (c 0940) , to England with William the Conqueror (1066),
and then on to Ireland with Henry II (1171). We have more than a thousand years of history to contemplate!

For many reasons (adventure, persecution, war and famine), over a long period, Nugents from Ireland left their country to settle
in foreign lands, especially in England, the United States, Australia, etc . Some left as they were stripped of their land and titles
by a brutal English rule. Others left, simply in order to survive. As a result of potato famine in the 1840's, more than a million Irish died
of hunger, and many more fled to the United States, in order to escape inevitable death. At his time, they certainly had more important
things to do than to keep track of their ancestors, which explains why it is so difficult to trace back our family lines to their roots in Ireland.

However, even if you can't trace your Nugent ancestors back for more than 200 years (the usual barrier), if your family name is Nugent,
you can be justly proud of being a part of this great Irish family which first came to light in North-West France during the tenth century.

What will you find in this site ?

1 - Information about the origins and activities of the early Nugent Family,

2 - Diagrams (in PDF format) showing the family branches,

3 - Documents that give much more detail about what really happened.

NOTE : This information is free ! Most of it has been compiled from a multitude of available sources, and so, you may use
it as you will. For your ease of use, many of the files are in pdf format, and can be downloaded and saved in your computer.
However, if you use any of this information in your own site, I would be grateful if you could respect the CopyLeft Regulations,
(see menu above), and reference my site. I am hoping for many comments and questions from visitors to this site.

If you have any information which should be added, or you wish to correct any errors, I will be only too happy to oblige.
If you live in any far-away countries, and your ancestors can tie in to any of the Nugents in my diagrams,
I would love to add your branch to our tree.

Mail me at :

The Nugent Site

There are a lot of Nugents out there ........ !

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